FF15 Automated Vial/Bottle Filling
FF15 Automated Vial/Bottle Filling

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Product Details

FLEXFEED15 –VIAL/BOTTLE HANDLING SYSTEM WITH A SMALL FOOT PRINT Filling of bottles 12 - 50 mm in diameter (0.48” – 1,97”) Suitable for clean room applications Small foot print suitable for use under LAF Complete change over in less than 5 minutes No format parts for different vials/bottles Suitable for intensive use Prevents repetitive strain injuries Unique cost of ownership To be used together with a Flexicon peristaltic filler Designed with the operator in mind As the need for more automation grows, Flexicon’s product line meets the needs of flexible filling of small batches in R&D, contract filling and diagnostics operations, where there are many different sizes of bottles or vials. The speed at which the vials/bottles are presented at the filling needle in a FlexFeed15 is fully adjustable, allowing light vials or bottles to be filled. The FlexFeed15, used in conjunction with a peristaltic filler and one of our crimp or screw capping machines, provides a simple and very flexible means of production and customers can achieve a fast return on investment Depending on the space available at the customer’s site and the desired flow of bottles, the FlexFeed15 can be supplied in 3 different configurations. - With a front infeed tray, a side infeed tray or without an infeed tray. Each option has its own part number, which appears on the FlexFeed15 brochure. FILLERS/DISPENSERS TO BE CONNECTED TO FLEXFEED15 PF6 peristaltic filler 520 Di peristaltic filler OPTIONAL CAPPING MACHINES TO BE APPLIED NEXT TO FLEXFEED15 FC10 / FC32 for screw caps FS10 / FS32 for crimp caps UPGRADES FOR MORE AUTOMATION FP50 – (automatic filling and stoppering) FPC50 – (automatic, filling, stoppering and crimp capping)