Handheld 3016, 5016
Handheld 3016, 5016

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HANDHELD 3016 / 5016 HANDHELD 3016 / 5016The ergonomically designed and lightweight Lighthouse HANDHELD 2016, 3016 and 5016 particle counters feature 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5μm sensitivities and are the most advanced handheld particle counters on the market. Providing up to 6 particle size channels of simultaneous counting, Lighthouse HANDHELD Particle Counters can display cumulative and differential particle count data as well as Temperature/Relative Humidity data on the fast and easy to read color touch screen. Lighthouse HANDHELD particle counters can hold up to 3000 records of particle data and the configurable recipe database can store up to 50 recipes for sampling and reports. Removable batteries and an optional charger help to maximize the HANDHELD’s uptime. Data is very easily downloaded using the Lighthouse Data Transfer Software. The HANDHELD can be used as a mobile particle monitor or become a part of a large facility monitoring and management system. Designed and built by Lighthouse, a name you can trust.   -   2 Year Warranty -   Built-in Recipes and Reports make cleanroom testing and certification fast and easy -   User Friendly Interface -   International Support -   Low Cost of Ownership