FC10 and FC32 are semi-automatic machines for tightening screw caps onto bottles.They are designed to increase pro-ductivity in the closing process while at the same time protecting the operator from repetitive strain injury (RSI).

FS10 and FS32 are both semi-automatic capping machines designed for crimp-ing aluminium caps.FS10 is designed for crimping 8 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm DIN standard crimp caps with or without flip-off plastic disc. FS32 is mainly designed for 20 mm and 32 mm DIN caps, also with or without flip-off plastic disc.

MC12 is the heart of Flexicon's Multi Filling System. MC12 is capable of simultaneous control of up to 16 individual Flexicon filling stations of the same or of a different type.

-   Excellent filling accuracy prevents costly overfilling
-   Full flexibility from less than 0.2 ml to more than 250 ml
-   Prevents spillage between fills, foaming and splashing
-   Can fill simultaneously with up to 15 other PD12I fillers
-   A complete filling solution from one supplier
-   Designed for intensive usage
-   Fast return on investment

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