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Latest Version Flexicon FF20 Filling System

Latest Version Flexicon FF20 Filling System

Improved version of the FlexFeed20 for automatic liquid filling is now available

A new version of the FlexFeed20 with a lot of new features can now be ordered and the first units will be ready for delivery by the end of June 2016.

A) Maximum flexibility in bottle sizes - Handles diameters from 12 mm / 0.47” up to 78 mm / 3.07”
B) Set-up time less is than 2 min - No tools are needed for changeover between different bottles
C) Contamination of open bottles is prevented - Control panel is positioned on the front
D) Easy to use - Intuitive icon based human-machine interface
E) Limited wiring - Integrated power outlet for a peristaltic filler
F) More infeed options – Infeed tray can easily be moved from the front to the side
G) Fast return on investment – An investment provides efficient filling processes

The new version of FlexFeed20 has part code 92-170-000 and from the 1st of March 2016, it has replaced the previous version of the FlexFeed20 with part code 92-150-000/91-151-000.

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