Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer - AREX Digital
Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer - AREX Digital

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Advanced digital hot plate stirrer with CerAlTop™ aluminum alloy and ceramic coating, for precisely set speed and temperature. It can be connected to Pt100 and/or VTF for direct temperature control of the liquid. Unmatched Operation Outstanding temp. uniformity with CerAlTop™ aluminum alloy heating plate Excellent resistance to chemicals scratches and surface abrasions Maximum temperature 370 °C Accepts up to 20 liter flasks Electronic speed regulation up to 1500 rpm Excellent speed control, even at low speeds High power PCM-type driving magnet Reliable & Precise Results SpeedServo™ ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes Digital setting and displays for temperature and time Direct temperature control using probe or VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator VTF incorporates timer for unsupervised operation and increased productivity Convenient Format Available packaged with probe (AREX Digital) or VTF (AREX Digital PRO) High visibility LED displays visible from a distance Sample & User Safety Programmable maximum safety temperature Hot plate warning displayed while cooling to below 50 °C Control panel is IP 42 protected from liquid spills with run-off groove Ergonomic Design Inclined control panel for easy access and visibility AluBlocks™ maximize temperature control & save handling time Run different tubes by combining AluBlocks™ Choice of Models AREX Digital works with PT100 probe only (supplied) AREX Digital PRO includes VTF Vertex digital thermoregulator (+ support rod) GENERAL FEATURES Construction material: epoxy painted aluminium structure Heating plate: aluminum alloy coated with ceramic coating Heating plate diameter: 155 mm Digital display: one for speed, one for temperature Pt100 connection: provided, both for AREX Digital and AREX Digital PRO Vertex connection: provided, only for AREX Digital PRO Protection rating CEI EN 60529: IP 42 Power: 630 W Weight: 2.6 Kg (5.7 lb) Dimensions (WxHxD): 165x115x280 mm (6.5x4.5x11 in) PERFORMANCE Electronic speed regulation: up to 1500 rpm Counter-reaction: constant speed Electronic temperature regulation: from room temp. to 370°C Maximum safety temperature digitally settable: temperature limit can be set between 50 and 370 °C Overtemperature safety circuit "Hot Plate Warning" whenever the top plate temperature is over 50 °C Sample thermoregulation: ± 0.5 °C by using the Vertex thermoregulator (AREX Digital PRO); ± 1.0 °C by using Pt100 Stirring volume (H2O): up to 20 liters Stirring system: high-power driving magnet type ''PCM'' operated by a mono-phase motor for continuous operation Product Code Description Power Supply Code AREX Digital with Probe - Package 230 V / 50-60 Hz SA20500411 AREX Digital with Probe - Package 115 V / 50-60 Hz SA20510411 AREX Digital PRO with VTF - Package 230 V / 50-60 Hz SB20500410 AREX Digital PRO with VTF - Package 115 V / 50-60 Hz SB20510410 Including the following A00000268External probe (with AREX Digital) check A00001069Support rod (with PRO version) check F208B0063Digital thermoregulator Vertex type VTF (with PRO version)