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Pro-Analytical Range of Centrifuges

Welcome to our new PrO-Analytical range. Designed by an Analytical Chemist and Laboratory Scientists, we offer state of the art and best value centrifuges for Analytical and general purpose use. Derived from our LED display centrifuges spanning over 25 year’s of Centrifuge manufacturing.

Centurion Scientific

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Product Details

Designed to keep sample heating to a minimum, our “Through Flow Air System” is unsurpassed. Thus keeping not only the samples cool, but the motor too, allowing, if necessary, long run times. Feature count is the best for your various needs.

Our latest “ Dynamic Efficiency Control System” in LED display format derived from our long running LCD series is now available to meet the needs of the market. Our aim with all our Refrigeration Systems was to reduce power by 25% and was easily achieved. New thicker stainless steel bowls and improved heat exchanger, with larger, yet more efficent compressors and condensors.

Our control is unsurpassed, by using the compressor’s hot bypass gas, against its own cooling we can control to levels beyond our competitors, who simply switch the fridge on and off.

A new, next generation PID control software system adds to the control too. A body redesign has resulted in a simple access panel should any mains voltage control parts need servicing.

We are aware of the needs of longevity and the need for corrosive or chemical resistance is paramount. NOTE all bowls in the centrifuges are stainless steel (salt saturation tested)

To this end our fixed angle rotors are CNC machined from polypropylene, as are the adaptors. This gives the best strength and chemical resistance for your needs.

Our swing-out rotors and high speed rotors are made from aircraft grade, high strength aluminium, and then double anodised for protection.

As a manufacturer, we are aware of your different needs. If you have such requests, please call us. If possible we can specialise, or add a rotor from another range to assist.

From the start of 2014 all Centrifuges and rotors have carried a 3 year warranty That is how confident we are of our quality and resilience.

Please see our specifications on our features in the attached pdf file.

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